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Hardware Recommendations - OST QB DPC

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You are in the market for a new computer, monitor, mouse, printer, router, or some other hardware (including Tablet PCs) and want On Center to recommend a specific make or model or tell you whether a particular piece of hardware will work with our software.


On Center simply does not have the resources to continuously test new computer hardware - technology changes too quickly and we would have to test our products on thousands of pieces of hardware every year. We feel our resources are better spent developing class-leading construction estimating products, built to software industry standards.


  • Work with a local retailer who accepts returns (with no or minimal 'restocking' charges). Although online bargains are attractive, it is often difficult to return online purchases without substantial penalties.
  • Work with a vendor who provides test hardware or a test environment on which you can perform 'real world' work. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test ride - use that same approach when buying computer hardware.
  • Buy one system for testing before you buy a dozen. If you are not sure how deep the water is, do not dive in head first, put your foot in the water. Same goes for hardware purchases - before you commit to buying a dozen computers or monitors, test one first to see if it meets your needs and works with On Center's products as you expect.
  • When buying a new computer, review the System Requirements (Related articles) for the products you own or intend to run - On Center has determined hardware minimums and recommendations for running our software.

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