This User Guide provides you, the end user, with a detailed reference for On-Screen Takeoff.  We've made every effort to include as much detail as possible.  These tools are intended to complement not replace software Training provided by On Center Software.


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To make full use of this program’s capabilities and find answers to basic questions, please:

Read this Users' Guide

To familiarize yourself with the basic features of On-Screen Takeoff, spend about 30-60 minutes (depending on the level of detail desired) going through each chapter.  The steps in each chapter should assist you with completing your first estimating project.  The Online version of this User Guide contains the most up-to-date information available.  Click Help > Training Central > Online User Guide from within the application.

Review the Online Training Videos

On Center provides access to online training videos for On-Screen Takeoff.  These videos are a quick resource for On-Screen Takeoff application questions. Click Help > Training Central > Training Videos to access our Web site.


Many articles include a link to the appropriate training video so you can see a real-world application of how a feature/function works!  Look for the video icon: .

Schedule Training

For advanced information on particular features or elements of use, please contact On Center Software's Training Department to schedule one-on-one phone-based training, group training at your site or ours, or take advantage of the many free Webinars.  Our Training Department is staffed with industry professionals who know how to get the most out of On-Screen Takeoff. There may be additional costs associated with Training.  Contact your Account Manager for details.



You can locate the information you need by...

Contents Tab

The Contents tab provides a breakdown of the Help topics. The Contents are grouped by Chapters into a logical manner by program functionality.  Open a Chapter by clicking the icon next to the Chapter name - click an article title to display that article in the right-side pane.

Search Tab

To search for a word, click the Search tab and then type the word or phrase.  When the list of topics displays, double-click a topic title - the corresponding article displays in the right-hand pane.

The Search tab works by listing every topic in which the criteria appears - usually, this means a fairly large list.

Typographic Conventions

The Help System and User Guide make use of the following symbols and formatting to call attention to important Tips, Notes, Cautions and Warnings.



At the bottom of most articles is a link to the next most logical article so a user can 'page' through the help system in a logical flow (these links do not open in a new window).



Installing On-Screen Takeoff




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End User License Agreement

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