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QB 4.99 - 02.01.01 The Bids Tab Context Menu

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Depending on where you right-click, you see different options in the context menu, we'll list them all below, except for the Windows standards such as copy, cut, paste. 

Menu Choice What it does/How it is used...
Show Cover Sheet Opens the Cover Sheet for the selected Bid.
Bid - Creates a new, blank Bid.
Bid from On-Screen Takeoff... imports an *.ost file and creates a new Bid.
Alternate - creates a new Alternate for the selected Bid.
Change Order - creates a new Changer Order for the selected Bid.
Folder - Creates a new Folder where bids can be placed. Bid folders allow a user to organize Bids by any particular criteria.
Database - create a new Access or SQL database.
Open... Opens the Open Database dialog box.
Close Closes the current database.
Import... Opens the Import dialog box for importing a Bid Package (qbp) file.
Export To Bid Package... Exports the selected Bid to a Bid Package which can be sent to other Quick Bid users.
Properties Opens the Database Properties dialog box for the selected database.
Compact/Repair Runs the Compact and Repair routine on the selected database.
Bid Locks When sharing a database, shows which user has locked the Bid for editing - the database Administrator can remove the Bid lock.
Backup Places a copy of the selected database in the "Backups" folder.
Duplicate Duplicates the highlight Bid(s).
Delete Deletes the highlighted Bid or Folder. (Folders can only be deleted if they are empty. Base Bids are moved to the "Deleted Bids" folder but Change Orders and Alternates are immediately and permanently deleted.)
Restore Bid Moves the selected Bid from the Deleted Bids folder back to its original location.
Empty Deleted Bids Folder Permanently deletes bids previously moved to the Deleted Bids Folder.
Print Reports Opens the Bid Reports dialog box for the selected Bid.
Generate Proposals Opens the Bid Proposal dialog box for the selected Bid.
Connect to On-Screen Takeoff Bid... Connects the selected Quick Bid job to a project in the active On-Screen Takeoff database. *
Update from On-Screen Takeoff Bid... You can import an On-Screen Takeoff project file (*.ost) to manually update Conditions and Quantities (updates whichever Bid on that is selected (highlighted) when the right-click occurs - use carefully once you update a Bid, you cannot go back. *
Disconnect from On-Screen Takeoff Bid... Breaks the Interactive connection between On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid for the selected Bid. *
Renumber Conditions Renumbers the selected Bid's Conditions in their current sort order. It is best to do this from the Conditions Tab, using the Bid menu. If you are in an "interactive" Bid, you must perform this action from On-Screen Takeoff. *
Change Job Status You can change the Job Status of a Bid directly from the Bids Tab.
View Activates a sub menu where the estimator can choose to view Detail, Division and Section information on the Bids Tab
  • View Detail displays Bid info broken out by Conditions, Subs, Equipment and Others
  • View Division breaks out the Bid by entire divisions used in the Bid
  • View Section breaks out the Bid individually by sections used in the Bid
Group by Job Status Groups the Bids Tab by each bids' Job Status (Pending, Sold, In Progress, etc.).

     *More information on how On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid work together can be found in Related Articles.

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