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DPC 3.94 - 02 Project Manager - Prepare Bid for DPC

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There are several steps necessary to correctly prepare a job for DPC use.

Get Your Bid Ready

These are the steps the Project Manager completes to get the bid ready for DPC. Each step is detailed in the articles that follow.

  • First, copy your OST and QB Bids to their own "DPC" databases (this isolates them and prevents another user from inadvertently modifying a Bid already in the DPC process). *** if you are using SQL, copy these bids to a local Access-type database, accessible only from your machine. (Yes, this means creating new, separate OST and QB databases for EACH project you are putting into DPC mode.)
  • Verify all takeoff is properly assigned to Bid Areas (check the Takeoff Tab for any takeoff in 'unassigned')
  • Verify that you (or the Estimator) has not used Typical Areas in the project.
  • Create the Archive and Budget copies of your project, (see next article) - be sure the archive copy is set to a "locked" Job Status
  • Collate the drawings
  • Activate DPC Mode
  • Assign Project Manager and Foremen
  • Set DPC Options on Cover Sheet for this specific project
  • Send project file to Foreman

For the rest of this User Guide, the "BUDGET" copy of the bid is used.

Do not use the "ARCHIVE" copy for DPC. That copy of your Bid should be considered a backup copy for reference only.

Copy bids to their own databases

Follow the instructions in the OST and QB User Guides to create new databases, strictly for use with DPC. Copy both the OST and the QB Bids into these databases to isolate them from your 'working' database (this is especially important if your 'working' database is a shared, SQL database - you do not want someone not involved with the DPC process to access your DPC Bids).

Once the Bids are in their own DPC databases, reconnect them (instructions are in the QB User Guide).

Verify Takeoff is done correctly

Open Cover Sheet of the "Budget" project

Click the Areas button

Review Bid Areas and/or create as needed (this should have been done during the takeoff/estimating process).

Ensure that all takeoff is assigned to appropriate Bid Areas - see the On-Screen Takeoff User Guide for instructions on creating/using Bid Areas. Double-check the Takeoff Tab to ensure there is no takeoff left in "unassigned". If there is any takeoff in "unassigned" go back to the Pages where that 'unassigned' takeoff exists and assign it to a Bid Area before flipping job to DPC Mode.

Verify that you have used Typical Groups and Repeating Pages, not Typical Areas. DPC is not compatible with Typical Areas as there is no actual takeoff associated with the extended Condition quantities.

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